who we are

We are a team of highly motivated, industrial minded creators with long term experience across multiple industries. We specialize in identifying gaps within industrial processes and collaboratively engineer solutions to improve safety, cost efficiencies and performance.

What We Offer

  • 24/7 Product Support

  • Site & Project Benefit Assessments

  • Product Demonstration & Onsite Training

  • Equipment compliance & engineering

  • Detailed Logistics Planning & Modelling

  • Reduced Logistics Costs

  • Safer Handling of Consumables

  • Exceed Safety Expectations

  • Professional Mentoring & Coaching



We are experienced in transport, logistics, lifting, loading, unloading, storage, chain of responsibility and engineering.


Our products are fully engineered, designed & certified to relevant standards. We exceed requirements and engineer to ensure our products deliver safely every time.

Competitive Pricing

Our systems are specifically designed to be as strong as possible while still being competitive in the market ensuring the user has the most to gain.

Corporate Team

PipeSafe’s goal is to provide the best-engineered solutions & products available

David Lahey

Director & Operations Manager

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David has worked in the Oil, Gas, Mining Industries for 15 years. He is highly experienced in Drilling Rig Management, Project Management, and Petroleum Engineering. He has worked within some very large projects and offers a connection to the people on the ground.

Ivan McCarthy

Director & Business Manager

Ivan has worked in the Oil, Gas, Mining Industries for 15 years. He is highly experienced in science, engineering and business management. Ivan is very passionate about making a difference and providing quality products to industries.

Kaicee Lahey

Safety & Compliance Manager

Kaicee has worked in the Oil, Gas, Mining Industries for 15 years. She has extensive knowledge and experience in business management, Safety & Risk Management, Industrial relations, Human Resources, Training & Compliance. 

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About Kaizen Engineering

The Kaizen Engineering team brings together engineering, safety, science, manufacturing and design, imagining future-focused, innovative systems.



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