Say hello to the future of transport and logistics

Kaizen Engineering proudly announces the launch of their PipeSafe™transport and logistics system.

After 18-months development, the first PipeSafe™40-foot, 2400 series system is currently under construction and will be available in the first week of July 2019.

PipeSafe™is a world first logistics, handling and storage system that is designed specifically for heavy industry, to keep equipment safe and secure during transportation and to help maintain integrity during storage. PipeSafe™does not only protect equipment being transported, but also decreases the risks posed to those stakeholders involved in handling the loads at either end of the journey.

The founder’s vision is to drive step change in safety, creating a safer environment for road users and workers and to reduce trucking mileage on roads. “We believe that PipeSafe™can revolutionize the transport industry – especially the oil and gas sector. This system has the potential to save lives, time and money for those willing to take the leap into the future” said David Lahey, Managing Director.